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Dobrodošli na moj origami sajt, na novoj lokaciji i u novom formatu. Sav materijal sa starog sajta još uvek nije prebačen, ali najnoviji materijal je ovde i nadam se da ćete u svakom slučaju naći nešto zanimljivo. Uživajte!
Welcome to my origami site, now in a new location and in a new format. All data and pictures from the old web site have not been transfered yet, but the newest material is here and I hope that you will find something interesing nonetheless. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A story of confusion and ignorance

It was near closing time, and seeing a book and stationery shop across the street, I've decided to try my luck once more that day.
Up to that point my effort to find origami supplies in an unfamiliar shopping center, in a foreign country, had been in wain (whenever I travel somewhere, I like to try to buy some origami supplies, both paper and books, 'cause language is not such an obstacle when it comes to origami books, and the odds are that the offer there will surely be better than at home where hardly any origami supplies are available).
From somewhere behind the counter emerged a grumpy lady, whom I've obviously distracted in eating her dinner. Still chewing, she greeted me, but her expression was unfriendly, slightly hostile even. But that expression was quickly transformed into bewilderment after I've asked her whether they sell origami paper: "Oregano paper? Nooo, I don't think we do." - " But, no, no, ORIGAMI paper.", I replied. This time I did my best to say the words clearly, although I was sure that I've said them clearly the first time too. After that, there was a pause, in which one could see on her face that she was struggling hard to get my meaning. She was obviously becoming more and more puzzled, so I've tried to explain: "Origami, you know, paper folding...?" But my try was in wain because her stare remained blank. She turned for help to someone still hidden behind the counter (I guess the other clerk was eating her or his dinner too) and asked "Do we have origami paper?" The answer, or rather the gesticulation, must have been negative because she turned to me and said: "No, we don't".
By that time it was more than clear that my luck in finding what I was looking for was not going to change, but I was not willing to let it go that easily: "OK, but do you perhaps have some origami books?"
Well, you can guess what the answer was...
And if you ask what the moral of this fable might be, I'd say that this is just a reminder to all of us origami lovers that there is still a lot of work in front of us in spreading the word and sharing our love and appreciation for this wonderful art.
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